My Birthday

This birthday was a difficult one for me.  Last year on my birthday, I was with my Mom when they told her they were out of options for treating her lung cancer.   Even though she was so sick, she made me run out and get pizza and her favorite cake for us to share on my birthday.   I don’t know how she was able to eat it with all the pain she was in.  I will always remember that. She passed away 8 days later.   I miss her terribly.
Today, I turned 39.  Andrew, my oldest, made me this bouquet of flowers and Reese’s candies.

The balloon has bees 0n it!

I made my cake this year, Mike was busy in the garden!  The cake was a White Pepper and Ginger Lemon cake!  It came out very good – at least to us – but you need to like the taste and feel of pepper!  You could cut back on the white pepper so the ginger flavor is more prevelant, but I used the full 2 teaspoons of ginger and white pepper!  Here is a link to the recipe – if you dare –
Karl and Thomas made me Lego gifts.

Michael took me out to pick out wind chimes for my present.  These are tuned to play notes from Handel’s Hallelujah.  We also found this funky garden art “puff flower” which Michael decided will help guard us against dandelions!  Do you think it will work?

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