National History Day 2009

Andrew and Karl competed yesterday in the regionals stage of National History Day 2009. Karl ended up winning first place for his video on Isaac Singer and Andrew and his group won 2nd place for their video on Eva Peron. Both of the boys will now compete at the state level at Millersville University this May!


Andrew, Elsa, and Emily in the News!

June Events and June Bug!

June has been a busy month. The kids have been home from school. Karl’s birthday was on June 25th. Andrew had National History Day. I had to change my friends car tire – I had never done that before! My 18th wedding anniversary is this Sunday! I have been busy in The Park, and I actually found a June Bug! I had never seen one before!!!

National History Day!

Andrew (my oldest) has competed in National History Day ever since middle school. This year, he and his friends Elsa and Emily, made it to the National Competition in College Park, Maryland at the University of Maryland. Their subject this year was the The Grape Boycott.

They just found out they won 2nd in the Nation for History Day for Senior Group Exhibit! Look under Senior Group Exhibit to see their names – The link is

The History Channel will be broadcasting the award ceremony on the web shortly.
Congratulations Andrew, Elsa, and Emily!