New Fabrics

I went on a bit of a shopping trip with my friend and we did some damage.  I am not going to upload pictures of all of that sinful fabric.  I will show you what my friend’s husband go me on one of their fabric jaunts though!  He is not enamored of my sunflower print for the borders of my double delight quilt and is trying to sway me a different direction.  He got me these two prints that he thinks are more appropriate for my borders!


Double Delight EQ5 file

For those who need the Electric Quilt 5 version of Double Delight, I redrew the quilt in EQ 5 using Bonnie’s colors.  This file contains a lap-size version of Double Delight as well as Bonnie’s original size.  I also used Bonnie’s colorings for the project. Download the file by clicking here

Double Delight Plans

I liked both fabrics I chose before, but I have settled on the sunflower borders.  I want to make this king size though.  To do that, I will add another fabric in yellow into the blocks and then alternate the colors of the blocks in “boxes” or rings.  I will start with a cheddar star block in the middle of the quilt, then surround that with yellow star blocks, then surround that with cheddar star blocks, etc. –  kind of like making ripples….If you click on the picture, it will show you a bigger image!

My Double Delight Update

A fellow quilter on the quiltville blog asked how my quilt based on a coneflower from my garden was going: it is going fine, but slow, my kids have been keeping me busy! I had to pull the one yellow out of my palette since I had picked too many colors, but I think the orange captures the flower center well!! I put the photo up as a reminder of what I pulled colors from.  I really like the look so far!