New furniture is in!

Boy oh boy, does our living room look different than at the beginning of summer!


It’s Curtains for Us!

Obviously this is not my living room, but that is the honey blush color I am using on most of the walls, and the trim paint will be the cream most likely. We are trying to decide the color for new curtains by “trying out” different colors on the sofa since I can’t find a picture with curtains. Of course, then at some point, we need to get new furniture!

Paneling is down!

The paneling came down last night, far easier than we could ever have imagined. It was only nailed on, thank goodness. The not so easy part was Michael had to remove the window trim on the bottom because it was nailed on over the top of the paneling! But, all in all, we are progressing! We can’t believe we looked at that ugly panel for 11 years and thought it would be too difficult to take down!