Coudersport, Wellsboro, the Grand Canyon of Pa, and other travels

We decided to get away for a weekend.  We were going to stay in Wellsboro, but that rental did not work out.  We happened to find this house in Coudersport (literally at the last minute, after almost canceling the trip) and took the kids to see the Grand Canyon of PA.   The house we rented was built by a famous chemical engineer, Donald Othmer.

The house has a lot of history behind it, the owner was filing me in on it and there was a book about the Othmer’s in the house. It was built by famous chemical engineer Donald Othmer.  We found out that the Othmer’s were good friends of Warren Buffet’s.  He took their initial investment of $25,000 and when they died – their estate totaled $800 million, which they donated anonymously to various charities.  
Eliot Ness lived and worked in Coudersport in his later years and eventually died there.  Andrew thinks he probably died of boredom, so that tells you there is not a lot to do in the town!
Andrew ended up sleeping in the right side of the house in the servant’s quarters because we did not want Thomas and Karl so far away from us!

The kids loved taking the boat out on the pond in front of the house!  Michael had to empty the water out of the boat before used it!  The kids had him rowing to the island to see what they could discover, and Karl made a map!  Andrew rowed for a good hour and threatened to stay on the island!

If you rent the house, you must also feed the three ducks that live there.  They would show up at front door quacking at 8:00 am sharp for breakfast, and stop by in the evening for some munchies!

We explored the grounds and I hid from Michael!
This shot looks out over the pond at the Othmer house:

We then took the kids to see the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania in Wellsboro, Pa.  It was very very high up!
We stopped and had lunch at the Penn Wells Hotel in Wellsboro, Pa.  
AJ took some shots around town, including this fountain:
We stopped in Bloomsburg on the way home for lunch.  I visited Fabrics Galore and got some fat quarters.  We had lunch and Mike, Karl, and Thomas tried Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon from the local candy shop.  Andrew and I did not try it!  Gross!!!
We drove down through Elk County.  In Renovo, we stopped at a teeny tiny Weis market!  
On the drive home we stopped and saw the Locust Ridge Wind Farm in Manahoy City, Pa.

The Airing of the Quilts

We took a weekend trip to Coudersport, Pa this weekend.  On the way, we stopped in Tunkhannock and got to see part of the annual “Airing of the Quilts”.  It was pretty neat.  Lots of quilts.  On the way out of Tunkhannock, we picked up some honey from a man selling at a little corner booth.  Unfortunately, right after that, my husband got a speeding ticket on Bee Street of all places!!!