Some things we saw in Philadelphia today!

On the bridge near 30th Street Station

"The Family" in Center City

Comcast Building

Presbyterian Church

We went down to Penzeys on Germantown Avenue to replenish our spice collection today.  We finished there and headed to Narberth to visit Cloth and Bobbin quilt shop.  After that we went and parked at 30th street station and walked around the city for a bit!


Bouncing Baby Boys

It’s been a busy month. I helped my friend at her booth at the Hershey Quilt show at the end of the July. We stayed in Hershey, Pa at a very nice bed and breakfast for two nights. I have been having up and down days lately, thinking about Mom passing – it was nice to have some time away. Last weekend my friend and her husband asked us to go to Wildwood, NJ for a crazy last minute trip. We got to the boardwalk at 7pm and got home at 1:30 am. It was a fun, crazy night. Our teen was hanging with his friends and missed the trip, but the younger boys loved bouncing!