Any Mushroom Experts Out there?

First off, NO we did not taste them!!! I personally think mushrooms are way to close to gym socks in taste to eat… but my neighbor had these sprout up in her garden bed here in Pennsylvania. Does anyone have any guesses as to what they are?

A Cucumber, Fabric, and a Fort!

It was a busy weekend! We harvested the first cucumber from our garden!

On a road trip with our friends to Fort Delaware, we stopped at Quilter’s Corner in Chadds Ford, Pa and I got a bee fabric!

We spent a very HOT afternoon exploring Fort Delaware!  This is Karl on the Delafort ferry to the fort.

Thomas had fun, he actually got to fire a cannon while we were at the Fort!

The sky was beautiful!

Heat Wave!

I did a lot of work in the park the last two days. Got my veggie bed in and planted my tomatoes with spiral stakes – though this shot shows them before i transplanted the plants! I reworked the area in front of our shed – it was all rocks and weeds.

Family news: The boys had their last day of school yesterday and today Andrew is taking his SAT’s.

HEAT WAVE = Time for Melissa to be inside quilting!!!