My Blog Moved

I just noticed I never posted my new blog info on this site, it is:


They’re back!

It’s a beautiful day!

I walked from RACC to the art museum and I am sitting on the bench waiting for Michael to arrive with lunch! Two herons just flew by me…

I have moved my blog to honeybeequilter.com ! Please update your bookmark and visit me at my new digs!

Final exams done!

Hurrah! Time for a break for me!!

Cupcakes for cheer!

My birthday is a time of mixed emotions for me.  I found out I was pregnant with my son on my 21st!  In 2000, we found out my father had cancer on the 18th.  In 2007, I was with Mom in the hospital when the doctor told us they were out of treatment options for her and she died 8 days later.  So it can be a bit of a upsetting day for me.  Now, today, it’s raining.  But I put on some good old Guns & Roses tracks from my high school days and cranked out some peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter frosting!  And, my friend took me to lunch!  Thanks Karen!  

We will have dinner and a cake this weekend, but Mike gave me a present today! He will go somewhere in my garden!


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