Double Delight Plans

I liked both fabrics I chose before, but I have settled on the sunflower borders.  I want to make this king size though.  To do that, I will add another fabric in yellow into the blocks and then alternate the colors of the blocks in “boxes” or rings.  I will start with a cheddar star block in the middle of the quilt, then surround that with yellow star blocks, then surround that with cheddar star blocks, etc. –  kind of like making ripples….If you click on the picture, it will show you a bigger image!


Plain border or busy border?

I have about 10 of each DD blocks done.  While on our road trip, I helped my friend find a border for her DD.  But I realized I hadn’t really considered mine (after the trip was over of course).  I am not sure which way I want to head.  Busy or plain?  What would you do?  I think I am favoring the dark green at this point….

Bonnie’s New Mystery

I must be crazy because I decided to do Bonnie’s new mystery quilt on NYE even though I already have a mystery quilt scheduled with another group!  I used this photo I took in my garden this past summer to pick colors from.  I will be using random greens but the other colors will stay the same so it’s a more controlled palette.