It was a nice day yesterday, so we took a roadtrip upstate. We went to Montoursville, then south to Lewisburg and down further to Selinsgrove and Millersburg before heading home. I love seeing the different college towns – maybe to compare it to ours? We stopped at several quilt shops and I got a couple of fabrics and the patterns below. Our Gathering Place in Montoursville was great! She has lots of civil war fabrics. There is also a quilt exhibit called the Gathering Janes going on in Williamsport, but we did not have time to stop.

I saw The Beckoning Cat in Lewisburg. Lewisburg has Bucknell University and several neat shops. We had lunch and visited a book shop and met the author of the 100 funniest words in the english language. It’s a very interesting book!

Then we headed to Selinsgrove (home of Susquehanna U) and I visited The Sewing Shanty. I picked up some cute chocolate fabric there.

We then drove down by the river to Millersburg and discovered a ferry there. It is the last remaining wooden paddle ferry boat in the country. We hope to return in May to ride it! We then headed home because Thomas said we were making him stir crazy with all the driving!


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