Bonnie’s New Mystery

I must be crazy because I decided to do Bonnie’s new mystery quilt on NYE even though I already have a mystery quilt scheduled with another group!  I used this photo I took in my garden this past summer to pick colors from.  I will be using random greens but the other colors will stay the same so it’s a more controlled palette.


5 thoughts on “Bonnie’s New Mystery

  1. great job on choosing the fabric for the mystery and super job on the photo…what kind of camera are you using?…i just received a new camera for Christmas and after reading 140 pages of instructions, I am still foggy on how to use it…lolcan’t wait to see your mystery

  2. Carolyn,I used a little Cannon Powershot A720 IS I got at Target for a point and shoot. I also have a canon rebel digital SLR but I am think I took it with my smaller camera.

  3. I think those colors will be terrific! I’m assuming the green is in place of the double pink. Can’t wait to see the end product. I love these mysteries!

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