18 Years Ago ….

Michael and I got married eighteen years ago today. On our wedding cake was a precious moments figurine of the bride being carried by the groom. We both remember giggling through our wedding vows and trying not to laugh out loudly!

So much has changed over the years.

We moved to Kutztown, Pa and have three sons. My father and stepmother moved to Oregon. My grandmother passed away. My mother passed away. I took up cooking, quilting, gardening, and knitting as hobbies.

Michael’s parents and sister moved to Texas. Michael’s father passed away. His little brother got married and started a family. Michael graduated from college and is working on completing his master’s degree. We went to Prague with our little family and we got to see where Michael grew up. Michael faced his first job layoff.

Now, our oldest son has taken his SAT’s and is preparing for his senior year and looking at colleges! It is hard to imagine that these all events would come to pass after our wedding. It is good that we had each other during the up and down rides of this marital journey.

There is no telling what the next 18 years will bring, but we will face them together! And, I am sure, we will spend some more time laughing out loud together.


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