We went on quilt retreat this past weekend in Tunkhannock, Pa. We had a great time, until we tried to leave for dinner on Saturday. We had a very light rain and the driveway at the cabin is very long and steep (200 feet long, and 70% incline). My car just did not want to climb it! MAJOR drama ensued. My friend finally had to drive my car up the hill BACKWARDS to get us out!!!!

Bottom of drive!

Middle of the drive! We kept getting stuck here! I got lots of exercise carrying everyone’s machines and stuff to the top! I think my legs may return to normal soon!


Anyway, here is the gang!


Leisa finished her binding!!


I made lots and lots of bowtie blocks!


Kathy is the GRAVEL GODDESS since she managed to get us up the driveway!


This was Jean’s first retreat and she was taking it all in! She and I had to kills lots of spiders and she was the ant control specialist! BUT notice, she is SMILING!!!


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