My Sewing Fortress

I have been trying to come up with a sewing space that works well for me. Last night my husband got me this Galant desk from IKEA. You can configure the parts in numerous ways. We got a little round to put on the one side, that gives me an area to layout block pieces that will be sewn together. The great thing is the legs are adjustable height so i can have it just so!


2 thoughts on “My Sewing Fortress

  1. Oh I envy you the room! I can’t wait to have that much room again! and be able to maneuver around in it the way I should be able to! right now I am able to move from the computer desk to the sewing machine which are at the foot of the bed, one on each side of the corner. With two tv trays to help the creativity flow, one for cutting the other for pressing!

  2. IYou have a great room. You have it well organized and it looks like you use it in so many creative ways. I love the chalkboard on the wall. Nice touch.Ikea is a great place for furniture, isn’t it?

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