My Mom passed away …

Those of you who know me, know my mother passed away from lung cancer on May 26th. This is the quilt I had made her. She loved gardening and I wanted her to have a garden she could have close to her when she was sick and could not look out on her flowers. I struggled to get the hand quilting done, knowing she was sick and wanting to deny it. I was out of town on May 2, but my husband and children took the quilt to her. She loved it – the boys said she took it around the house and remarked on it, she matched it to her clothes, and was comforted by it. I only wish she could have enjoyed it more. If you ever think to make a loved one who is sick a quilt, do it, don’t put it off.

One thought on “My Mom passed away …

  1. Hi Mellisa, It is a beatiful quilt and I am very sorry for your lost! At least she got to see it and she knew you made it especialy for her! I am sure she was very happy with it and all the suport you and your family gave her! Warm regards: Zlatka

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